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PHPBabu is a platform for Software Professionals, IT Entrepreneurs and Geeks who are building or are planning to build scalable and fast web solutions and are sharing their experiences.

Don’t be fooled by the name PHPBabu. The platform is for web development in general. But PHP developers are welcome also 😊

PHPBabu’s goal is to create a great community which enables each other to create awesome and successful web applications.
Be a part of the community and make India the number one destination for web application development!

Advantages of becoming an author at PHPBabu

The PHPBabu blog is already reaching a good amount of people via the blog, the Facebook page and Twitter. Of course we are still in the ramping up phase, but it will become a bigger community of time.

The most important thing is to get support from the community. You will be getting valuable feedback on the articles you write and information on how to build better web solutions from other experts in the field.

Regularly posting as an author will help you gain more attention for your project and that way you might be able to find potential clients, investors or partners.

With the right amount of SEO work, you might be able to reach thousands of readers.

Each topic is also a kind of visiting card for you. Therefore, writing is important. Before starting an own blog, which has to be started at 0, you can leverage the PHPBabu platform to reach your target audience and you will be able to create a brand of yourself. Write regularly and become an expert.

Requirements for becoming an author

So that the platform works, there are some rules, which an author needs to keep in mind.

  1. You have to be an entrepreneur, a web development professional or IT Geek (it does not matter at which level). It does not matter whether you are a big team of people or a single developer, whether you are just starting out with web development or whether you are funded by an investor. The only important thing is, that you share your experiences openly, so that the other readers can learn from it.
  2. It is about sharing the experiences of building and marketing scalable and fast web application. So do not write articles like “7 Tipps for…”, but give insight on how you solve specific problems in your work. The more the transparent you are, the better.
  3. Value, Value, Value! The other readers want to learn from you. You are the expert and they want to learn from your experiences.
  4. Write about your wins but especially also about your failures. Especially the later will be helpful for other people who are trying to build great solutions.
  5. Try to divide the article into sub headlines and also divide paragraphs into short readable chunks.
  6. Avoid very tough to understand terminologies. Try to keep the writing as simple as possible.
  7. Make sure there are no grammar mistakes.
  8. We need a picture from you for the author box (150 x 150 px).
  9. Very important: Use the right picture licences. This is rather easy to do. Search for “ Creative Commons Licence”. In this particular section in you will get access to free pictures, which can be used without payment. It is important to mention the source of the picture, like the person who took the picture (which is mentioned in and the picture name.
  10. You can also showcase your product/ project, but do not write “marketing” type of articles. The site is not meant for marketing the product.
  11. PHPBabu is free of use, therefore we will try to monetize the blog by using affiliate links, wherever suitable inside blog article. By becoming a member of PHPBabu you will be agreeing to this.
  12. Write as much as you want. It is always to write at least 900 to 1600 words. More is also very much fine. Try to add as much value as possible with each written sentence.

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