Das PHPBabu-Team

Deepak Divakaran

Head of PHPBabu and Office Manager at YUHIRO

Deepak works as Head of PHPBabu and leads most activities, such as content development, marketing activities and office administration things.

Tinto Thomas

Marketing Officer at PHPBabu and Online Marketing Expert at YUHIRO

Tinto, along with the CEO of the company, is always devising new marketing strategies for bringing more success to PHPBabu.

Reema Oamkumar

Content Specialist at PHBBabu

Reema creates engaging, interesting and sometimes funny content for the website. She is always on the lookout for exciting topics, which could be interesting to to the readers of PHPBabu.

Sathya PB

Operations Officer at PHPBabu

Sathya is the Operations Officer at PHPBabu. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

Sascha Thattil

Head of Operations at PHPBabu

Sascha is the founder of PHPBabu. We help you build great web developer teams.