Core PHP vs Laravel: Which Approach to Choose

Core PHP vs Laravel: Which Approach to Choose

Choosing Core PHP or Laravel has been a topic of debate for many. Different developers are of different opinion. In this article, we will explore both and try to reach a conclusion on which one to choose.

Many vouch by PHP saying that there is nothing better than core PHP to build quality products. This is why it is the most popular web programming presently. Though several other languages came into existence after PHP, it still holds the upper hand for many users. You can build great, dynamic websites using WordPress, Joomla, and choose Core PHP or any of the PHP frameworks.

While comparing PHP Core with Laravel

There are many ways to solve a problem. Sometimes you need to sit down in a quiet place and you need a pen and paper to doodle. And, sometimes you just need a little technology, say, a calculator to find the answer. The technique used by you may not be the same for a different kind of problem. You can say that using the pen and paper is the PHP way, and the calculator is the framework of PHP.

Here’s how we can compare the two:

1) The quality of development

Laravel is by far one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the market. Some people say that it is the amateurs who use Laravel, while the experts prefer the Core PHP route. It is the quality and expertise of developers that matters a lot. Because, with different levels of expertise, you get different levels of quality. Each programmer scripts the code in their own way and their own style, so the result will also be different. The developer should have very good and thorough knowledge of core PHP.

On the other hand, Laravel is a pretty easier language to learn. It has a low learning curve, any new developer can easily master it, use it professionally, modify the codes easily and so on.

2) Ease of Modification and Customisation

Core PHP does provide you with some levels of difficulties when you set out to modify large projects. The programmer generally wouldn’t agree to make changes once the project is completed. Making changes in the framework isn’t one hell of a task, and the developer can easily extend the functionalities as he has full control of the application. Working as a team is also easier because you find it easier to understand the other developer’s codes. As MVC is the standard functionality of the framework, you can easily separate logic from the views.

3) Level of complication

Core PHP can get complicated because developers tend to write their own logic. One may write a few lines of code and come up with the result, and another may write hundreds of lines of codes. They both may not be able to read each other’s work. This leads to inconsistency and confusions during the course of the project.

The framework on the other hand, doesn’t have that level of complication.

4) Which gives you the cleanest code

Core PHP being a basic programming language lets you create dynamic web websites. You will have to lean the core principles of programming, while the framework lets you refer to the library. Being the purest form of PHP script, you need to have thorough knowledge of the language to develop clear and concise code. And to write codes flawless you need to have sufficient amount of skill. With the framework, there is consistency and more than one developer can work on the codes without worrying about what the other person has created.

Laravel results are much more accurate and reliable, as they can be understood by more people. There is no time lost, and the level of consistency is also accurate.

5) Scalability

If the client wants a simple blog post with minimal functionalities, then Core PHP would be a good choice, but if he wants to extend his website (which was a simple blog site at the time), then that could be a problem. Yes, you can extend it in Core PHP, not that you can’t.

However, if you prefer the other framework, you can do so, but you will have to write the codes from scratch because you cannot go ahead with an existing project as it is. But if you want to scale that simple site into an E-commerce site for instance, then that’s going to take a lot of time, then you will have to go for the framework. That is simply the easier option.

6) When you work as a team

It is easier to work as a team when the framework has a systematic platform, because they can develop as per the client’s requirements. There is better control of the functionalities with Laravel, and there is no need to code again and again. Laravel brings success to teamwork.

7) Speed

Laravel is designed for its performance. If you are aiming for speed of project, then this framework would be a better choice. Code readability and Debugging is also much easier here. The logging system of Laravel is also incredible as it helps in storing data, troubleshooting hidden bugs etc. There is no built-debugger in PHP.

Closing Thoughts

The decision for which framework to choose Laravel or Core PHP is always up to the web development company, the project demands and the client interest. Our job was to lay the cards on the table to make it easier for everyone. However, if you prefer to go by the popularity level, then Core PHP is definitely several steps ahead of the other framework.

If you prefer to go by the market share, then PHP has a strong upper hand. It leads when it comes to having a preference in building ecommerce websites, Business websites, Social media sites and so on.

Laravel, so far has no lead over any website category. Nevertheless, it is still growing to be one of the best. The main reason why people love Laravel is that it is easy to code, and you get other benefits like documentation support, MVC support and reliable database. If you are a developer looking to make a mark, Laravel couldn’t be a bad choice.

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