GITEX: Why you should become an exhibitor

GITEX: Why you should become an exhibitor

GITEX Technology Week is all set to showcase in Dubai, UAE during the week 14th October to 18th October in 2018. This one of the biggest tech events in the world and it has been happening every year for a week for 38 years in a row.

Have you ever participated in it? If not, will you be a part of it as an exhibitor this year? There is a lot to gain from the show.

Here are some reasons on why you should be an exhibitor for GITEX. Check them out!

What is GITEX?

A major technical show and hub where innovations and contributions are introduced and exhibited.

Who are the exhibitors?

All the regional and global tech giants (including MENA government entities, global corporates, startups) who are making a name in the world of technology converge on a single platform .

The MAIN reason why you should attend

If you want to feature your brand and its innovations on a global platform, you will definitely get a captivated audience here. You can easily create a buzz where people from the global media will direct the spotlight on you.

Other reasons

1) A plethora of information and knowledge at your disposal

All the renowned names in the name of technology will be attending the show. So you get a first row seat on a wealth of information regarding technology, tech innovations and the major happenings covering a number of sectors and industries.

2) Learn all about the recent adoptions

A lot of new perspectives on different fields will be thrown about, and you can capture all of that. Learn all about game-changing ideas that can help advance your own business.

3) Network with the best in the field

The GITEX show is the best platform to cement relationships between enterprises and to start new projects. A lot of startups get to meet with the biggest tech giants in the game, and learn from them. They even enforce partnerships, and new project deals. Who knows? Maybe you will land with biggest deal ever while chatting with the person sitting next to you at the breakout session.

4) Let you advance past your competition

The exhibition is the best platform to get new ideas on how to advance past your competition. The Vertical conferences will let you meet with the best and most enterprising C-level millennial and executives, and you can learn a lot from them.

5) Social Media exposure

Once you decide to be a sponsor, you get a lot of exposure, especially social media exposure. You can share content on all GITEX social media channels and platforms, and get a lot of publicity and awareness among people.

6) Exposure in the event website

If you are sponsor, your company logo will be featured on the exhibit main web pages. This also helps in creating a buzz about your company.

Tips for taking back the best from the show

There are so many things to see and do at the show, so it is better to be equipped to get the most out of the event.

1) Meticulous planning

Planning makes your visits useful. Be clear about your objectives, and have them written down and saved in a (digital) diary so you can refer to them while at the event. Is your aim to learn more about a piece of technology? Or are you looking for more suppliers or buyers? To make a complete plan, keep a schedule of the events and a list of fellow exhibitors. You will be able to make better plans that way.

2) Scheduling meetings

One of the aims of the technology show is to plan meetings with suppliers and other exhibitors. You might have to plan several meetings in a day, so be realistic about it. Even if you are planning the meeting within GITEX premises, you will have to leave at least 20 minutes of travel time, and this might get longer if you are travelling during busy hours.

3) Save time on queue

You can register online, and save yourself a lot of hassle by getting into . You can also book for accommodations through this site.

4) The focus will be on AI

If you have anything to do with Artificial Intelligence, you must be a part of the tech event. There are Trailblazer Awards, AI Exhibitor Space where you can haven first look of all the latest innovations in AI, attend special conferences on AI and meet with all the AI Speakers of the world.

Closing Thoughts

According to their website, GITEX has over 24 dedicated Exhibiting Zones including AI, blockchain technology, Smart homes, Smart workplace, Health, Fitness and Wearables and plenty more. This year is going to be one of the biggest events ever, so don’t miss it.

Apart from showing the rest of the world what you have on offer, you can also grasp a lot from 100+ hours of content and 9 industry verticals. Learn from the case studies, meet with the other exhibitors and buyers and enjoy collecting all those perspective-shifting insights.

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