Top 10 Applications Built With Laravel

Top 10 Applications Built With Laravel

While the bone of contention is to know which framework to choose for your application, there is absolutely no doubt regarding one thing – that you need to make an awesome application. So everyone strives to beat competition by coming up with the most popular app in town.

Laravel, one of the best PHP frameworks around is a popular choice among developers because it lets them build feature rich, high performance, dynamic applications.

These are some of the features integrated within Laravel, making it one of the most powerful tools around:

Template engine – helps in creating simple design with distinctive sections.

Artisan – does all the tedious & repetitive programming Tasks.

Security – handles the application security within its own framework. Hashtags and salted passwords, so the password wouldn’t be saved as plain text.

Eloquent ORM – developers can issue database queries with PHP syntax.

Libraries and Modular – pre-installed libraries, active user checking, passwords reset, CSRF (Cross Site Request Falsification) protection , Bcrypt has, Encrypted to help create sensitive, practical and modular web applications.

Migration System for Database – lesser risk of losing data.

Unit testing – helps in writing the unit tests for its own code. Changes made in the programme will not break anything in the web application.

The framework follows the MVC architecture , making it one of the most preferred frameworks in the PHP world. Here are 10 applications built with it.

1) Studio Stomp

Studio Stomp is a company in Netherlands that delivers passionate creative websites that brands use to communicate with their people. They mainly use Laravel to develop client websites, and use it for their own website.

This lets you scale and deploy with ease, making sure you can easily handle seasonal spikes and high traffic surges.

2) MyRank

MyRank is an online learning website dedicated to the people of India. It makes full use of the versatility of Laravel and combines the features to produce an awesome website that blends functionality with aesthetic quality. Choosing the framework has made it easier to release products faster as it enables faster development.

And the framework lets the user handle a growing database as well. The design elements of the website flow seamlessly together to make a pleasing visual impact.

3) Creative Spaces

Customization and Integration is made easy through the use of this amazing framework in the Creative Spaces website. It is an Auckland based company and has a growing number of users and customers who want to experiment with the principles of architecture and commercial interior design to make their own spaces.

4) Neighbourhood Lender

Neighbourhood Lender is a website that aims to simplify the process of getting home loans an easy process. So that means, users should be able to use the mortgage calculator and use the loan options with ease.

Through Laravel development, the company has achieved this goal, and provides exceptional services to its clients. It helps them make use of the amazing caching options so the users don’t have to send information every time. The site can also easily handle heavy traffic.


Startupsco is renowned to be the world’s largest startup company, at least that’s what they claim to be. They have helped more than a million companies establish their own startups.

And that’s not all. The company tracks all their clients, both in the US and internationally, with amazing ease. With the number of people visiting the website on a daily basis, it has to be blazingly fast, and the framework is powerful enough to provide what they exactly need.

6) Toyota Hall of fame

Fantasy Football, an interactive online competition is held every year for more than 30 million players in the US and Canada. There is a fantasy hall of fame where the average fantasy football player can get registered with global brands like Yahoo and Toyota.

Through the Toyota Hall of fame website, football players can be nominated for the “Hall of Fame” recognition. This open-source framework helps the website function seamlessly, making it easier for the company to maintain and monitor their coding, scale without any issues and lets PHP classes to load automatically through its auto-loading feature.

7) Laravel Snippets

If you are a developer looking for some codes or to sharpen your skills in the framework, then just rely on Laravel Snippets. It is a lightweight website that shares snippets with a growing community of users. Check them out for your projects.

8) Morgans Hotel Group

As the name suggests, Morgans Hotel Group is a hospitality company that owns and operates a number of boutique hotels in Europe and USA, and operates its hospitality based websites successfully with Laravel.

The company has successfully made use of the countless amazing features of the framework like well-built codes, templates engines, service layers and dependency injection containers to make their websites standout.

9) Invicta Watch Group

Built with Laravel, Invite Watch Group is a complex business e-commerce website for the American watch company. The company has been around since 1837, so they really have a very large database of loyal users. The framework helps them to accommodate a horde of features and is easily scalable, and handles traffic surges during seasonal hikes.

The online product catalog contains images, videos and descriptions, and is impeccably handled within the framework, while personal information and security details of the buyers and visitors are protected, with no loopholes.

10) World Walking

World Walking is a website and smartphone app that motivates people to walk. It monitors your walking behaviour and counts your steps. If you love walking and would love to improve upon your walking skills, this is where you head.

The website has been built with Laravel, and looks very aesthetically pleasing, and integrated with unique features that would make you want to walk more.

Closing thoughts on the framework

This is a short, comprehensive list, there are other sites built with Laravel, both big and small. The framework excels everywhere, whether it a commercial website, a simple website or a personal one.

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About the author: Reema works as Thought Leader at PHPBabu.

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