Why you should use PHP to build your next application?

Why you should use PHP to build your next application?

PHP is gaining plenty of accolades as one of the best tools to create web applications. It is the short for Hypertext Preprocessor and is actually an HTML embedded scripting language that has a number of benefits over other scripting languages. For one, it can really help you make dynamic and buoyant applications. PHP also provides tough competition to Microsoft’s ASP.NET. The fact that you can write custom codes for making your website look special is another attribute of using PHP. Here are “12 other reasons that make it even clear that PHP is the ultimate choice for building your next application.

1. PHP can be scaled

This is the first point that we are discussing here, because there is this general misconception that PHP cannot be scaled. And it is a simple procedure too. In a nutshell, the term scalability means to make your system and server handle the influx of requests that come in gradually or as a seasonal surge. Horizontal scaling is the most common method of scalability because it is reliable and efficient. Horizontal scaling happens when the workload is distributed among the different servers in the cluster.

2. It is open-source

The reason why PHP had remained the eye-candy for generations is its open-source nature, making it free. Developers can easily make changes to the core functionality and use it for their project. You can create highend applications that cater to all your special requirements with PHP.

3. Suitable for e-commerce

PHP is the nature choice for e-commerce websites, especially if you are looking to build one from scratch, PHP comes with several ready to use frameworks like CakePHP, Magneto, Shopify, Joomla, all perfect choice for e-commerce websites.

4. Easy manageability

The normal setting of 1:1 correspondence between the URLs and file makes it easier for developers, designers and others connected with the project to easily manage it, including edits. The manageability feature of PHP comes useful when you need to make changes to a static website with plenty of base content in it.

5. Double end web development

PHP can be used for both front end and back end development. If you want to alter the present conditions of your app, all you need to do is change the code. This is not possible with PHP because you may have to unravel the codes to understand the relationship between back end and front end programming language and this could be a time-consuming process.

6. Never overloads the server

This makes PHP a clear winner when you compare it with other programming languages. PHP can optimize memory, so the problem of server overloading is permanently resolved. As there is no overloading, you don’t have to worry about the server speed going down any time. So you can say that using PHP improves the server’s processing speed.

7. High-level reliability

The prime reason why many companies and developers use PHP for their application is it’s reliability feature. PHP works on a separated isolated process within the Apache configuration. So if any incident occurs and there is a glitch, the traffic to your website will not be slowed down. E-commerce websites cannot handle even a tiniest bit of disruption in traffic, so using PHP would be advisable.

8. Quick turnaround time

If you are looking for a quick turnaround time, PHP is much better than other frameworks. Business deliverables become faster, stakeholders are happy and customers are satisfied. You can just copy the files, sun up the files or rsync it.

9. Supreme levels of security

The levels of security that PHP possesses are certainly commendable. In fact, no other framework or language provides as much security features as PHP. So if security of application is one of your prime concerns, then opt for PHP. The numerous layers of security make the application less vulnerable to hacking. In fact, you can perform the following eight practices to keep your application secure :

  1. Input Data Validation
  2. Guarding Against XSS (scripting) attacks
  3. Guarding against CSRF Attacks (forgery)
  4. Prevent SQ Injection Attacks
  5. Protect fie system
  6. Protect Session Data through encryption
  7. Proper Error Handing
  8. Protect Included files

10. Runs on all platforms

If your aim is to create an application that runs on all platforms then PHP is the answer. This could be particularly true for e-commerce sites if they want to ensure their product would run on any OS, be it Windows, Linux or MAC.

11. Amazing flexibility and quickness

It is important to create unique web applications that can display commendable functionality. This is easily possible with PHP, thanks to its modular architecture. And it can easily be integrated with several extensions and libraries. Both newbie developers and veterans happily use PHP because of the support it offers for all sorts of tools, technologies and plugins. The quickness of PHP makes it extremely popular because if you want to have a swift launch, this is where you go.

12. It is an intuitive framework

If you are just entering into the word of web development and want a framework that understands your needs rather than the other way around, then you can confidently stop at PHP. It is so simple and easy to apply that you never have to look back.

Examples of websites created with PHP: Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress, Digg, Flckr, iStockPhoto and LiveBid Auctions.


PHP is definitely one of the best languages to use if you want to make an application. It csan be embedded into HTML without any difficulty, making once again one of the most sought after options. So developers can easily convert static pages into dynamic content. PHP is the answer if you are looking to create dynamic net solutions like web calendars, content materials management systems and shopping carts. Are you looking for PHP experts to help develop your website or application. Get in touch with us today to know about how we can do it for you with speed, accuracy and smoothness.

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