10 great applications created with ASP.NET

10 great applications created with ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a free web framework that helps you build great websites and applications through CSS, HTML and JavaScript. With each version, ASP was getting popular, and several great, big and small websites are built with the framework.

ASP.NET MVC is one of the most popular options around when developers need to create a really big website, wherein, MVC is a framework methodology where the application’s implementation can be divided into three component roles – Models, Views and Controllers.

Have a look at the 10 great applications developers have built using ASP.NET

1. Stack Overflow

A privately held website, and created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008, Stack Overflow has evolved to be a question and answer site for professional developers & programmers. These programmers contribute towards building a library of detailed answers regarding every question that could arise during programming.

The website helps programmers learn their trade. Microsoft ASP.NET is the framework in the technology stack used to built Stack Overflow. According to the architects behind this website, it is one of the most robust piece of infrastructure they used, and it allows them to scale the website as and when needed. With more than 16 million page views a month, scalability was such an important factor for the website.

2. CodePlex

CodePlex, though not as popular now, was very successful one when it was created by Microsoft in May 2006, was an open source project hosting website that allowed shared development of open source software. It has to function as a platform where people join in to create new projects to share with the world.

The website has to manage other developers who already have their own projects in there, download open source software, provide feedback and so on.

3. Work-grabber.com

Workgrabbercom is exactly what the name suggests. It is a platform where job seekers and employers meet to search and hire. The website is built atop ASP.NET MVC 1.0. The framework allowed for easy and hassle-free upgrading.

4. MarketWatch

As the name suggests, MarketWatch is a website that showcases financial information in the form of business news, analysis and stock market data. Apart from tracking the market pulse, it handles more than 16 million visitors every month, and several million new visitors. Apart from giving stock market quotes, the website promises personal finance advice as well.

The main features of ASP.NET – extensibility and scalability are put to good use here making the website highly structured, efficient and manage huge amounts of content without a glitch.

5. CodeProject

CodeProject provides free source codes and tutorials for Software developers and architects. It is a huge platform where ideas are generated & shared, and programmers use them to solve their problems and to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies.

ASP has helped the developers of the website manage and scale CodeProject as and when required. With its flexible platform and huge community support, CodeProject is really one of the best for building new projects.

A quick glance of why ASP is so popular among developers:

  • Very easy syntax, it is easy to write, insanely simple, and even easier to interpret
  • ASP.NET frameworks comes with the .NET framework, so developers can easily build applications over the framework
  • Developers can write ASP.NET server side code in any of these languages – C#, VB.NET and Visual C++
  • ASP.NET helps manage the data remarkably well

6. Microsoft

It was Microsoft that built ASP.NET to help programmers build dynamic websites and web applications. And it is no wonder that they use their own product for building their website. The tools that they built for developers are being used by their own developers.

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a familiar name among people who host websites. It is a publicly traded Internet domain registration and web hosting company, and services more than 17 million customers. The company website is also built with ASP.NET.

8. Dell

Dell, the big computer vendor that manufactures, sells and supports personal computers and technologies uses ASP.NET for hosting their website.

9. Visual Studio

Visual Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) runs entirely on ASP.NET framework. The function of the IDE is to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, apart from the regular websites, mobile apps, web apps and web services. Visual Studio lets you write codes efficiently and accurately.

10. Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com is a website that allows you to trace your history and start a family tree with all the members of your family. The entire website is run on ASP.NET. You may not be able to figure this to by checking the URL, but it actively and most successfully uses this framework.

Closing thoughts

In the days before ASP or Microsoft’s Active Server Pages came into existence, the web pages were largely static, and pages had to be updated manually. Eventually, with the help of ASP they were able to do the coding quickly, reduce development time, and at the same time create dynamic webpages. Safety and security of the webpages were ensured with the use of built-in Windows authentication and reapplication configuration.

Web applications built with ASP.NET can be easily deployed, and you don’t have to register the components because the configuration information comes built in. In short, the framework can be used to build enterprise-class websites, web technologies and applications.

It doesn’t matter if your business is just budding or a large one spanning several geographical locations, you can easily create websites that work safely across multiple networks. Apart from the websites mentioned above, the other websites that use ASP.NET are Tacobell, Neobux, Chinatimes, BlogFA, Office and Wild Tangent.

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